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Mary Rose Tudor
I am Mary Rose Tudor. I was born on March 18th and am the youngest of my parents children to survive beyond childhood. My father was Henry VII and my mother Elizabeth of York. My elder brother Henry wanted me to marry Charles (the future Holy Roman Emperor and nephew to his Queen Catherine) but after a lot of arguments and delays, it was all cancelled. My brother then decided that I should marry King Louis XII of France, but he was really old and ugly and I refused, because there was someone else, unfortunately not royal, that I fancied instead. However I had to marry Louis, so I made Henry promise that if Louis died before me, I could marry anyone of my choice and he agreed to this. As it happened, Louis died only 3 months after our marriage, and I got to marry Charles Brandon after all.We had 3 children, Henry, Frances and Eleanor, but even though I was married to the Duke of Sussex, I was never called the Duchess, but always as the Queen of France.
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